• Quantum QHM7309 USB Desktop Keyboard

Quantum QHM7309 USB Desktop Keyboard

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If your keypad is malfunctioning or has stopped working properly, then you can replace it with the Quantum QHM7403 Keyboard that is sturdy and will serve you for a long time.


This Quantum Keyboard is crafted with high quality plastic and comes in a compact size so that makes it appropriate for houses that have confined spaces. The key pressure is 65g. It is light in weight and you will not have any difficulty while using it. Due to its make, you will never feel any stress while typing. Therefore your arm muscle will stay relaxed. The letters Q, H, L, P and M are marked in red that adds depth to the look of the keyboard. The name of the brand is also placed on it. This one is black in colour and has a matte finish.


This one is a must buy for all as it is compatible with windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista/Linux/WIN7. It is quite interesting as it is infused with noiseless design so that you working environment remains undisturbed. There are 3 function keys such as sleep, wake up and power that you can use according to your convenience. This one is crafted with accuracy so that you don’t face problem while typing. It comes in handy for people who like to chat on social networking sites. This one is ergonomically designed for easy handling. The edges are smooth and therefore you won’t have trouble while handling it in a rush. It is a must buy for all. Shop online for this product today and have a happy experience.